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CGAF 2015 from CGArtsFest on Vimeo.


Artist Testimonials

“Buyers from all walks of life were in on the action as the work was gobbled up by collectors, new comers, and tourists alike. Opening day of the 2011 Festival was the biggest sales day in the history of my company so far."

- Miami Beach pop artist, Ed King


“I thoroughly enjoyed doing the show this year and as it turns out – it was my best Florida show ever. And I’ve been doing shows in Florida for a very long time.”

- Iowa digital artist, John Scanlan


“At least half the people who came to my booth, (which by the way, was A LOT of people) all mentioned they had seen the cover story in The Miami Herald Weekend section, which featured us as new artists. And you know what else? They said they had come to the festival for that reason.”

− 2011 Cake Sculptor, Maite “Mighty” de Parra