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Featured Poster Artist

Featured Poster Artist



2017 Poster Artist


Guy Harvey is a world renowned artist, biologist, angler, conservationist and explorer who uses his keen eye, a lifetime spent on the water and background in marine biology to create wildlife artwork with unmatched authenticity.

Guy was born and raised on the island of Jamaica. A sixth generation Jamaican of English descent, Guy learned to fish and dive from his parents, both very accomplished anglers. Guy is a self-taught artist who refined his craft while he was away at boarding school in England, where he would regularly draw the wildlife from his native Jamaica whenever he felt homesick.

Guy attended Aberdeen University in Scotland and later received his Ph.D. in Fisheries Biology from the University of West Indies. After serving in the Jamaica Defense Force, Guy taught as a Professor of Marine Biology at the University of West Indies. Guy continued to paint in his spare time but it was not until an exhibition at Jamaica’s Port Antonio Marlin Tournament, where his paintings were first noticed by a team of American fishermen who encouraged him to display his artwork at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. After selling his entire collection at the 1986 boat show, Guy resigned his teaching position to become a fulltime artist.

Soon after he was painting full-time, the iconic Guy Harvey pocketed t-shirt introduced the world to Guy’s artwork. Since then, Guy’s list of licensed products has grown to include destination resorts, restaurants, documentary films, a magazine, housewares, gift items and even a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. Guy uses proceeds from the sale of his artwork and merchandise to conduct the cutting-edge research necessary to effectively conserve our ocean resources.

The two cornerstones of Guy Harvey and his company are art and conservation; and each plays a crucial role in the success of the Guy Harvey brand. Guy’s artwork brings the undersea world into everyday life and helps give people a better appreciation for our marine environment.

Guy has dedicated his life to saving our seas and to help foster the next generation of ocean conservationists.